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Two of McMillan’s Ethics Commission nominees donated to her campaigns

June 27, 2013

This isn’t likely to go over well with some of the City Council members: two out of the five people Mayor Kim McMillan nominated for her newly formed Ethics Commission have donated to her campaigns.

The donations are not large, but these are likely to ruffle a few feathers on the council:

  • Gene Washer disclosed that he donated “$50 or $75 to Kim McMillan (at) some kind of party.  Don’t remember the exact amount.”
  • Ellen Kanervo disclosed that her husband, David Kanervo – who is a political science professor at APSU, the same department McMillan briefly taught at before running for mayor – made “a small donation ($50 – $100) to Mayor Kim McMillan’s campaign.”
  • Willie J. Freeman disclosed that he donated to McMillan’s mayoral campaign.  Freeman did not specify the amount and his donation does not appear as an itemized donation on McMillan’s campaign disclosures, indicating the donation was likely under $100.

Robert Bateman and Hubert G. Smith, the other two nominees for the commission, did not disclose any political donations.

The City Council plans on discussing the nominations at tonight’s nonvoting session.  The nominees will likely be voted on at Tuesday’s voting session; they only need to be voted on once to become official.

Correction: an earlier version of this post ran with the headline “Most of McMillan’s Ethics Commission nominees donated to her campaigns.” The headline has been updated to more accurately reflect the story.


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  1. I like the honesty. If you donate less than $100 it does not have to be disclosed. Therefore no one would have never known that that the donation was made.

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