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Carmel in Tweets

May 19, 2013

In case you aren’t on Twitter (I encourage you to join, it’s like being on Facebook but you instead of your neighbor’s rants you hear from astronauts orbiting the Earthhere is a place to see all of my Tweets from the Chamber of Commerce’s recent trip to Carmel.

It gives some more perspective to these two stories in today’s paper: Carmel’s development & Carmel’s theater complex.

If you don’t want to go to that Storify link I’ve copied them after the jump, but Storify has a much better design than the copy paste route…

Carmel in tweets

@Leaf_Lester’s tweets during the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce’s trip to Carmel, Indiana

  1. Street performer plays alongside a rails to trails bike path in Carmel in
  2. Central plaza of a public-private partnership in Carmel, underground parking, 1 floor of retail 4 of residential
  3. A city-owned gravel dump turned into art gallery. W luxury condos above.
  4. Strew parking turned into patio seating for restaurant. Slows traffic, gives more rest. Space, Carmel mayor says
  5. Redevelopment hasn’t really kicked in until you can buy artisan olive oils.
  6. #clarksville chamber group tours Indiana design center, where designers and diff trade people can work/meet
  7. Carmel city center. Strange to see a city being built from ground up. everything is under construction to the right
  8. Parking underneath all developments here. Mayor of Carmel compared it to German city construction post WWII
  9. Carmel performing arts center to the right. One of 11 sections of this city center to the left. 1/2
  10. City center to cost well over $600 million when complete. Built like Italian plaza, large plan w intimate spaces.
  11. Carmel parks dir. makes interesting point about how they focused on recreational activities, not just spaces. 84% of pop now uses dept.
  12. #clarksville chamber of commerce event touring Carmel indiana’s center for the performing arts
  13. I fittingly there is a jag casually parked in front of this performing arts center.
  14. Carmel went from 41 acres of parks to over 800 acres. This is 161 acs that were set for subdivisions, saved for park
  15. Basketball courts at Carmel’s community center. Reggie miller has been spotted shooting here.
  16. Just your casual simulated surf machine at the neighborhood community center. Nbd.
  17. There’s 125 miles of bike routes in Carmel. City requires developers to put them in on new roads
  18. Alleys for driveways, smaller lots + narrower streets mean hood is walkable, opposite of clarksville’s subdivisions
  19. One developer made this 1000 home subdivision. Mixed retail and everything from $500/month rentals to $3 mill homes
  20. I think people in #clarksville would have a heart attack if they saw homes this close together.
  21. @RichardS_leaf here’s the highest point in the county, 330 feet above sea level
  22. @leaf_lester Nice pics about #Carmel. Too bad you’re not here for Saturdays @CarmelFarmMrk. See pic of bike parking

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